Basic Life Support

This 3 hour Basic Life support First Aid course will help to bring you to the level recommended by Skillsforcare. But most importantly it provides training for a wide range of scenarios. (Theory and Practical). Including hands on difibrillator training and CPR. It is so therefore an important part of training in social care, including basic life support as part of inductions.

Emergency First Aid at Work

Formally Appointed Persons, this Emergency First Aid at Work course will provide the knowledge and confidence to administer First Aid. This First Aid course is designed for anyone looking to be a qualified Emergency First Aider.

price £45

Medication Administration

This 3 hour “medication awareness” session will be delivered through presentation, discussion and group activities.

Session Contents
• Legislation, policies and procedures relating to medication
• Individual’s responsibilities
• The medication process, from prescription of medication through to disposal of medication
• Types and function of medications commonly used in the care setting
• Routes of administration
• Possible side effects and management of these
• Possible causes and management of medication errors
• Documentation of medication
• Seeking advice.

Course costs £35 per person and includes refreshments and certification.